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Genre: Young Adult Dark Fantasy

Release Date: October 9, 2018


When a mission for murder goes awry, assassin Arden Eliri finds herself fleeing Trendalath, the one place she’s called home her entire life. Not only does she question her loyalty to King Tymond and his reign, but also her friendship with fellow Cruex member and confidante, Rydan Helstrom. The discovery of her newfound abilities—the very abilities her King had banned a decade ago—has left her in quite a predicament.


Now a renegade assassin, Arden joins the Caldari, or those who practice magick, more commonly known as illusié. As she hones her skills up north under Queen Jareth’s watchful eye, King Tymond prepares for what will be the most stunning battle yet. The more Arden learns about Tymond’s past and the connection with her family, the more she craves vengeance on the very man who is hell-bent on destroying her.


But there’s a darker force lurking in the lands of Aeridon – darker than King Tymond himself. Forced to endure what is bound to be an upheaval of life, love, and trust, it’ll be up to Arden—and her unwavering faith in illusié—to defeat it.

Renegade Cruex (Shadow Crown, #2)

  • *DUE TO THE HIGH VOLUME OF ORDERS . . . Your patience is appreciated. Seeing as Kristen is a one-woman-show who is signing, packaging, and shipping all of these books, she greatly appreciates your patience and understanding!

    *Shipping is not included in the sales price. Please go to the check-out screen, where shipping will be automatically calculated for you.

    *For U.S. & Canadian customers ONLY: You will receive a separate email with a tracking number (U.S. and Canada only) once your order has shipped.

    *INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: The shipping cost per book is by weight and can be upwards of $25. Again, please go to the check-out screen, where shipping will be automatically calculated for you. If your country/region is listed as "not available", please email, and she will provide a shipping quote directly to you.

    *Seller is not responsible for package after shipping.

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