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Genre: Self-Help/Personal Development

Release Date: August 19, 2019

All of our goals, dreams, ambitions . . . where do they stem from? And why are they such an integral part of the soul's journey during our limited time here on this Earth? So often, we seek answers outside of ourselves. We fall into the “when I” syndrome. We believe that when we make a certain amount of money, live in a certain size house, drive a certain car, hold a certain job title . . . that we'll finally be happy and fulfilled. But what if true soul fulfillment doesn't lie in the goals, ambitions, and dreams, but in the simple everyday moments? How would your outlook on life change? Would you choose to live differently?


Kristen Martin had her first spiritual awakening in her late twenties. Exhausted and overwhelmed by societal pressures and expectations of who she "should be", she realized it was up to herand her aloneto break out of the mind-numbing, soul-dimming box society had tried to force her into. In these pages, Kristen shares her own journey in overcoming the expectations and judgments of others, breaking through self-limiting barriers, and finally tapping into a level of truth so profound that she had to invent a word to encompass its depth and meaning. It's time for you to discover your soulflow, embrace all that you are, and live the life you so wholly deserve.


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