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Hi there! I'm Kristen Martin.

I'm here to empower creative entrepreneurs, like you, to wholeheartedly pursue their passions and design a life and business they'll never need (or want) to escape from. Because really, that's the dream, isn't it?

As someone who worked in the corporate world for almost a decade, I get it. I get the struggle. I get why you may be asking yourself, "Is this all there is?" I'm here to tell you that there IS more and that you can start living a fulfilling, joy-filled life this instant. You see, my passion for writing books and sharing my stories is what SET ME FREE. I want you to experience freedom, too.

Whether you want to write a bestselling book, create a profitable online business through passive income, or expand your digital footprint and impact thousands of people, I'm your girl. I've done all this and more in just 3 years time -- I'm a 5-time International Amazon Bestselling Indie Author, a Social Influencer with a reach of over 60,000 engaged followers, a Creative Entrepreneur with multiple 5-figure course launches, and a Guest Speaker and Facilitator of workshops and writing events around the globe.

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My goal is to help women everywhere know and realize their WORTH. To break out of the "conventional" box society tries to force us into. To discover and celebrate the most authentic version of ourselves. To realize that anything is possible if we're brave enough to go after it. To pursue the very things that SET OUR SOULS ON FIRE. This isn't your everyday social media community . . . it's a freakin' MOVEMENT. Are you with me?




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This extensive self-study program takes you through the entire book creation process, from writing to editing to publishing to marketing your book, and provides an easy-to-digest roadmap to achieve your dreams of becoming a published author in no time.

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This self-study program was created to take all of the guesswork out of creating, launching, and scaling a passion-driven online business. Not only will you receive access to six intensive, interactive modules, you'll also receive a clear roadmap and proven business plan to follow -- the exact one I used to scale my business to 6 figures in just one year! Best of all, you'll walk away with the knowledge you need to create a thriving online business that runs on autopilot, giving you the freedom to live your life.




If you're looking for advice and inspiration when it comes to lifestyle design, creative entrepreneurship, self-love and self-worth, writing your books, and so much more, make sure to join my community of over 40,000 beautiful souls by subscribing to my channel!

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Previously titled That Smart Hustle, this podcast has been rebranded, seeing as the content has always been geared towards spirituality and personal growth. With over 130 episodes to dive into, we cover a variety of topics from the law of attraction, to manifestation, to quantum leaping, to lunar abundance, to collective energy readings. If your soul is looking for some goodness -- some "soul food", if you will -- then you've come to the right place. Available on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and SoundCloud.


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Kristen is such an inspiration. Her webinar helped me realized so many things. Thanks to her, I have more clarity about what I want my life to be about. Her workbook and exercises really made me think hard about who I am and where I'm going, and that I'm actually on the right path. You should definitely check it out!

Alyssia Kirkhart

Investing in Kristen's Hustle Smarter, Not Harder webinar series changed my life. It brought me clarity, and that clarity turned swiftly into readiness and determination. For my goals. For my dreams. For the lifestyle I will have. Do not miss this opportunity.


I’m from Argentina and I really admire how Kristen lives her life, how she enjoys her dreams, and I wanted a piece of it. So I signed up for the course. It was amazing! I did it in three days so I could work through the tasks. It really helped me to focus my energy and believe that I can do it, that one day I will be able to live the life I dream.